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If you've met me on a good day and asked where I live in Lagos, my first response would be everywhere! This is true because I have family living in different parts of Lagos. Egebda inclusive!

Egbeda often gets ridiculed as a backward part of Lagos that is way behind the rest of Lagos.. while that may be true in some aspects I can categorically say Egbeda has evolved way past what Nigerian twitter says. I'll first off like to debunk the "no light" fallacy there's actually a more stable power supply at these ends than at some high brow parts of Lagos.

Although I may not be the best person to give a detailed descriptive guide on all you can do in Egbeda, I will try all the same and narrow this guide to 2 subtopics.

Why I love Egbeda

Honestly, its the greatest escape from the normal Lagos hustle and bustle. The bigger parts of Lagos can sometimes make me feel lost, it's a small city in the scheme of things and I like to feel like I'm off the grid sometimes. 

Shopping: Trust me, the market at Ogunlana is buzzing with fashion retailers that have any piece you can find from Lekki to Ikeja. Everything is relatively cheap and most likely a #100 naira okada away! We may not have an IamIsigo showroom around but hey, there's a three story building boutique, Style House nearby in Akowonjo.
The Egbeda main market has a range of foodstuff, house supplies, electronics and much more to buy, the beauty is that they expect you to bargain so get ready for some surprisingly cheap buys.

What to do in Egbeda

There are so many different but special places to chill and let off some steam around. If you're looking for a perfect spot to hang out with a couple of friends, take a quick swim and have a few drinks, I'll advise The Pavilion (Unity estate), De Santos hotel (Santos layout) or Havannah Suites (Gowon estate). 

Pizza at Dominos (Ikotun) or Catfish pepper soup at The Dems (Vulcanizer)? Allow your sense of taste to be dazzled
Nightlife: Okay I'm not sure of the security level but Ruby's Lounge (Micon b/stop) looks decent enough. If you're also about turning up at The Place , there's a branch in Akowonjo.
Sunday's are lit with Sunday Buffet at SnP restaurant , just beside Santos Layout. You can also enjoy live band action at De Santos hotel.

There's not much to explore in terms of art and nature parks.And little or no spaces with cool designs for instagram photos , but the bright yellow wall at Buy Rite could make a pretty cute Instagram snap. The true Lagos feel is here and that's the most important for me. 

I can't wait to keep sharing more city guides like this, especially for parts of Lagos I'm more acquainted with.

Photocred: The Place, The Pavillion, Havannah Suites google search

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about what makes Egbeda unique. Have you been to Egbeda before or do you live here too? 
OR if you are planning a visit soon I would love to hear from you!

Love and Light

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  1. You're so right dear. I am finally proud of my hood. It's turning out to be very cool. From the shopping malls to the 'chill-out' places... All nice, nice and nice again.
    BTW.. Gud work you're doing Mary. Kip it up!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. I will definitely take note of this when next i visit nigeria since i live close, am tired of sitting through traffic to have a nice time in lekki, ajah etc only to spend an hr and boom am heading back home.

    1. Haha I know right! We must link up when you're back Vicky!

  3. Egbeda is bae,my fam house is in Badagry but I have another family(kinda)in Egbeda and I lived in Egbeda for a year and I must tell you I enjoyed my stay. All what you wrote is true. I like my Badagry because I'm close to the Beach but Lagosians will say we are not even Lagos but who cares we share the same Governor.

  4. Nice one, I live in Lagos but never really been to Egbeda. I Think I might be visiting there soon

  5. This is so helpful! Nigeria is a beautiful country! I will definitely take note of your guide when I next visit. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful week!

    Edwige |

    1. You're welcome! Yes Nigeria is a beautiful country!!

  6. nice. I like this,I read with all smiles on my face. good one

  7. Nice one dear. Am really looking for a place to settle and do business too in lagos. Planning to come home sweet home.I don't know much about lagos for years now.


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