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It feels so good to be back with THREE THINGS this year.
When I first started blogging in 2012, Mae's Scrap blog, it really was to express my feelings and to build my writing skills. I think back now about how simpler those days were. I met someone recently who said he couldn't date me because he was scared I'd put the relationship details on my blog, it did feel like a Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris situation lol. Funny, I had zoned oga from Day 1, but hey I digress.

Relationships can be tricky, dating in Lagos is another ball game on its own. Tackling through Igbo and Yoruba demons, Big Uncles(happening guys) and the ones that just want to waste your time! You'll realise that you shouldn't ever deprive yourself of inner peace to please someone else. Lately I've been about doing whatever gets me through the night (You guessed it -Jhene Aiko). 

If you're a happy-go-lucky person like myself, you'll understand how I protect my happiness viciously. Don't come with your "have you eaten?" texts and reggae my blues abeg.

I guess all I'm trying to say is you shouldn't change yourself to fit situations that may not benefit you. I'm learning that now.

Today, my three things are three quotes that have caught my attention this week. I wish they speak to you in the way they do to me. 

Pardon my manners, how's your weekend going?
I love you for reading!
Mary Edoro

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  1. Lovely post. Many of us have fallen into this situation and some are still struggling with it. It takes courage and saying No. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lol don't come and reggae my blues. I've found a punchline! Loveeee this post.

  3. I definitely agree with guarding your happiness. It's one of the most important things!

    Subomi|My Fashion Musings


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