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Have you ever seen, tasted, or bought something and you can’t stop obsessing about it? I know, obsessions can be both good and bad. Hopefully these three things that I’ve recently come across are healthy obsessions, so as I do every week, I wanted to share. 

As someone who admittedly battles a Coca cola addiction on an ongoing basis, I’m attempting to reduce the amount of Soda I consume but I have been telling myself ordering organic drinks was long but karma caught up with me this week when I found Simply green juices at the chicken republic at Sanusi Fafunwa. I got the Get Naked and Pick Me Up. Honestly guys I expected it to taste horrid, you know these terrible things people drink because fit fam 😰Now, I can’t stop wanting more of the juices. Delicious and organic, win win! ( Seriously considering a three day cleanse soon)
I'm not really a bag girl, I could carry any bag really. But when I saw these at Ikeja City mall I knew I wanted them for real. I found them on Konga a week later, quite pricey but I followed my guts. I carried the bag for Selense exhibition at Rele gallery. It's one of my fav buys this year!

After frantically searching for the perfect nude nail polish for my skin shade, I actually gave up, which is really not my style lol. I however find this nameless brown shade at my salon last weekend and I thought to give it a try. Its more of a brown shade than nude but I loved it so much I bought the bottle. 

I always try to change my nail polish colour every week, maybe I'll start making a Manicure Friday post..maybe.

What things have you been obsessing over lately? Please share!

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