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Is it Friday yet? I'm craving the weekend so bad. My week has been quite stressful but I'm still keeping on.

My THREE THINGS today are not physical things. I had a rant session on my snapchat (@lai_skinking) yesterday about Nigerian online stores and I decided to make it into a post. I'm a serial online shopper and I've had good days as well as bad days. But recently the bad is seeming to surpass the good, so to who it may concern, its rant time!

1: If your product is sold out, take. it. off. the site! I mean! Or put a sign to show that it is sold out. I've heard people complain about this and it finally happened to me. A few weeks ago I placed an order for a product from a Nigerian site ( Name withheld), I got no confirmation or anything so I should have known something was amiss. Fast forward to two weeks later, I decided to reach out through their customer care line. I spoke to a girl who kept me waiting for about a minute and then returned to tell me the product was sold out! How frustrating!
So please indicate product availability on your site and communicate effectively with your customers.

2: Misrepresentation: You know a lot of people warned me against going on but I actually did. You find really good deals on the site and it got me really excited. I've actually with great caution shopped from some of the sellers on the platform. But something funny happened when I saw a pair of shoes on the site boldly priced at N8000, so I contacted the seller and to my greatest surprise the person said it wasn't 8k, that it was 14k. How? She said it was a mistake. The funny thing was I had been seeing the ad for about 3weeks. I wasn't so pissed anymore when  my sister reminded me that a lot of the sellers are just Lagos Island sellers that know little or nothing about online listing and sales.

3: Delivering without packaging? Lol this didn't happen to me. I saw it on a site.I was scrolling through a footwear site with an aim to buy one of their products, I saw the price and shipment fees and then under the details it was specified that if you want the shoes to be packaged (as opposed to what really? Tossing it in a leather bag I guess) you would have to make additional payments. But why? I think if you really care about your branding/brand image, and not just making sales, you'd actually ensure that each item is boxed before being shipped. They are shoes, imagine what could happen while in transit.

That's all the rant for now, if you are/know an online seller/store please check to ensure that you/they are not found wanting here. It really dampens your credibility.

Hey guys, what annoying things have you experienced while shopping online? I'll like to read your experiences!

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