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Hi guys, I'm really into DIYs because its a cool way to channel my creativity and most importantly save money. On an average, one furball keychain costs 1000-2000 naira but this yarn ball will only set you back 200 bucks or less.

Furballs became popular a while back with the Fendi bag charm and every fashionable girl caught the trend like a bug!
This tutorial is just as easy as my choker tutorial.
Let's get quickly to it.
What you need 
Yarn/ thread
A pair of scissors
A keychain hook


Wrap yarn continuously around your palm.

Depending on how full you want it. I kept wrapping it around my hand until it looked like this.
Next, carefully remove your hand from the rolled yarn.

Cut out a single strip of yarn and tie around the middle of your rolled yarn.
Make sure it's tightly tied!
Now the fun part.

Putt your scissors through one loop end of your yarn and cut, cut, cut.
This is what it looked like when I cut one end.

Go ahead and try the other end.

So I got a keychain hook from an old keychain and easily attached it to the yarn ball by tying the hook with a strip of yarn around it. 

Just for decoration, I added a cute little bow to my yarn ball and attached it to my Zara laptop bag. Love it!

Did you like this DIY? Are you going to try it? Let me know in the comments!

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