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“Your ability to make things happen is what makes you different”. – Mo Abudu

She is a talk show host, media mogul, human resources management consultant, formidable entrepreneur and the first woman to own a TV network in Africa. There’s so much we can learn from this remarkable woman and her amazing story that its hard to even know where to begin in recognizing her for all of her accomplishments. She's smart, beautiful and definitely on top of her game! That's why she has been described by Forbes as "Africa's Most Successful Woman".
While the things we admire about the Ebony Life TV boss could go on and on, here are just a few that all of us can strive to live out in our own daily lives.

1. She wants to change the world’s view of Africa: She’s truly an ambassador of Africa. She is determined to see a better Nigeria and a better Africa and she actively works towards it. She created Moments with Mo, the first African daily talk show to be syndicated across the continent and went on to launch Ebony Life TV, Africa’s first global black entertainment and lifestyle network.

"For ever and ever, I always felt that I had to fight to prove who I was. For me, I think somewhere deeply buried in my subconscious was a need to tell Africa's story. My burning desire is just to tell everybody: listen, we're not a bunch of savages. We really are gifted." – Mo Abudu.

2:She’s best known for being a media entrepreneur, talk show host, Founder of Ebony Life TV, mother and is popularly referred to as Africa’s very own Oprah Winfrey. Mo Abudu has laid out a remarkable roadmap for achievement and if we could follow some of the things that she did and still does, we can undoubtedly improve our own lives.

3:She knows how to make people feel important: It is only a person who has high regard for others that won’t hesitate to do well towards humanity and Mo Abudu has shown that indeed she has a large heart. Her foundation opened a charity store branded “The Designers Outlet for Charity” in 2009 and is currently developing a children’s shelter called “The Harbour”.

4: She is stylish: Mo Abudu is a style icon. Women look forward to watching Moments with Mo for the educative and engaging topics she raises and for one more thing; to see what Mo is wearing! Although with her, its more than just looking good, its truly the love of timeless, effortless fashion.

5: She launched a career in her 40s: Following a successful career as Head of Human Resources and Administration for oil giant, Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (ExxonMobil) as well as other fantastic business endeavours, she created her own talk show, Moments with Mo, which is the first syndicated daily talk show on African regional television in the year 2006. Since then she has gone ahead to launch several other major projects including launching Ebony Life Television, Africa's first Global Black Multi-Broadcast Entertainment Network".

Out of all of Mo Abudu’s contributions to the African continent, which one has impacted you the most? Let us know in comments!

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