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Every Tuesday, after my cds I drag myself (and some friends ) to go see a movie at Ikeja City Mall;
because its #1000 and comes with popcorn and a free drink! 💃💃  because I love to watch movies and make interesting criticisms/reviews for y'all.
It's been close to a month I did a review but I'm back guys! So I'll do a double review of two movies I've seen over the past 2 weeks.

A trip to Jamaica

Following AY the comedian's break into movie production, this movie is well structured and extremely hilarious. Although I must confess that I am over the "illiterate nigerian travelling to a foreign land" storyline (Osuofia in London, Baby Oku in America, 30 days in Atlanta) it kinda gets old, no? The movie features AY himself, Funke Akindele, and Nse Etim, 
Side note I'm really impressed at how Nigerians now select foreigners that actually fit the character  in movies and not just anyone that's white (remember those old Nollywood movies lol)
The movie is a good watch if you're looking for something easy to lighten up your mood, watch with the family on an easy day. Ii'm really all about supporting Nigerian brands, even up to cinema. And from what I heard AY grossed about $140mil in ticket sales!
Verdict for the movie - LOL

The Grudge

TBH I was skeptical to watch this movie because lately RMD (Love him) has just been starring in all the movies and I feel he's steady doing the most trying to get back on the pedestalal he was during Violated days, his acting/character however was the only thing that really (brought me) and kept me in the cinema hall. The Grudge is supposed to be a thriller but all through I kept predicting the next 2 steps, which annoyed my friend and annoyed me too. I think all the characters were somewhat conflicting, because it was like watching different characters from some hollywood movies put together in one script, where the scriptwriter and the storywriter were not in talking terms. In this review Wilfred Okiche says its a "Tinsel reunion" but will be easily forgotten in 3 monthshs. 3months? Bruh I saw it last week and mentally revisitingng the scenes is a task right now lol. 
Verdict for this move - Meh

 If you end up seeing any of these movies (or have already seen them) please let me know what you think, you can comment under this post or comment on my instagram @lagoscitychic!

I love you for reading. xo

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