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Happy Sunday Lovelies! I want this to be a very easy read, so more pictures, less words. I had so much fun yesterday at SheLeadsAfrica's #Slayfestival, thanks to my sister and her friend Grace for getting me to go. I won't lie everybody came to SLAY!. Despite the sand and coal in between our toes we walked from the main stage to the stalls, happily sipping on Cointreau cosmos and taking pictures.
Have a look at all the pictures I took.


I enjoyed meeting a good number of fabulous bloggers and taking pictures! I got some chat time with Maryam with the good skin. Love her!

 New bestie alert! Angel Obasi StyleConnaisseur  💓

Found this picture on Pulseng featuring Me, Maryam, Tuke Morgan and a mutual friend.

Source Ndani Lifestyle

Thanks Sika for the mini interview for 53 extra! I was so psyched!!! Mama we made it!!.. Sorta lol. Bigger and greater things ahead this year. Amen.

Photos and video credit to the coolest sister ever Valerie!!!

I had an amazing time. Kudos to the SLA team.
If you attended the event, let me know your thoughts on how your saturday at Ebutte Meta went.

Have a beautiful week ahead

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  1. Awww that's how we didn't get to take pictures together. I had fun too but I'm shocked people complained about the event. There were few issues though with the seats and all but anyways I got to network and chill too

  2. My darling, we lost each other in the crowd! I had some things I didn't like too but I had too much fun to even complain! Lol


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