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Hi beautiful people! 
I come bearing a DIY of the choker necklace I wore in this post!
I initially put up the DIY on my instastory - @lagoscitychic but by popular demand, I decided to bring it up as a post!
Inspired by Deandri Jewelry

You'll need 
-a black fabric.
-a pair or 2 of scissors, one big and one small
-a small hoop earring
-a button
-needle and thread
-amateur sewing skills
Let's do this!

Step 1: Get a black piece of fabric, If it's a little stretchy that'll work perfectly. Take a measurement of your neck (or you can just use your intuition), depending on how big you want the band to be. (I wanted a bigger band). Cut the fabric to desired width. And ensure the length is fitted to your neck, here's why it should be a little stretchy.

Step 2: Cut anther piece from your fabric, a smaller one this time. The small piece should be able to cover the hook part of the earring as shown in pic3. Then neatly sew the fabric together and neatly cover the hook part and sew.

Step 3: Carefully sew on a button at the back.

Step 4: Latch on the earring with the fabric to the plain fabric. See pic4

And there you have it! I really love how the choker makes your neck pop! Life's too short to be simple anyway.

I hope you all are having a fab week so far.

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