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Compliments of the season everyone. Its boxing day! I've been in such high spirits this festive season despite spending my Christmas in Abuja because of work, I miss Lagos so much! How's Lagos?

 As one of my Hotel review detours I decided to check out Villa Toscana (Home of Flavour). If you think the name Home of Flavour is funny, you'll find the portrait of Flavour that greets you immediately you even look at the building extremely hilarious. I mean what an Igbo man, but good stuff though because I actually decided to check it out because it's the Home of Flavour.
I had slight turn up on Friday at Hard rock cafe and GTB's end of year party on Saturday so I spent two nights at Villa Toscana.

The hotel is a reasonably priced option especially as it is located in one of the busiest parts of Lagos city, Oniru Lekki/V.I extension. Contrary to what I thought there is a non-igbotic decor inside, meaning that interior design skills and not just a lot of money was put into setting up the hotel. I liked that the staff where also very polite and friendly I didn't like that when the elevator pulled up to my floor there were guests loitering in the lobby.
The room had wooden furniture, even though there wasn't a carpet it still felt cozy. There was no curtain covering my bathroom window which was creepy especially because there was a building just beside with workers.I was on the 1st floor which had no window views and you know I love my views! There is a great view of the beach from the rooftop bar (I didn't take a picture my bad). There's also a re-fuel minibar in the lobby that sells everything from toothbrushes to cookies and is open 24 hours a day.

In the simplest way I did enjoy my stay.

-Spacey enough room for the price   -The hotel is easily accessible    -Polite service and reception

-No window view   - Limited number of TV stations

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