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Today’s post is a beauty one, Current Beauty Faves is my way of letting you know what’s been tried & tested and has landed on my radar as a new favorite.
 I must confess that when it comes to make up and beauty routine I actually haven’t got one per say – I wear mascara, a dash of pink lipstick and eyeliner, my facial routine involves my bath some and sponge.  But it’s never to late to start thinking about skincare routines and getting it right with makeup.

First is my L.A Girl Glow Kit Spice. I absolutely love it. The highlight effect is not harsh as some others I've used and it goes nicely with my complexion. The LA Girl Glow kit has other ranges based on the highlight and contour combination you'd prefer. 

Next is my Neutrogena Hand lotion, which is so helpful because I naturally do not have soft palms. The hand lotion is not only a softener, it is also perfumed which means you hand will feel and smell nice.

Black Ops! I love their finishing powder and I often use it to bake before covering up with my regular powder (Milani). 
I also recently discovered one of their eyeshadow palettes, that's a nude duo set.  That's all I wear now. 

I can't gush enough over Red Cherry lashes. I have about 3 sets. I love that they are affordable and also effective. A set can last 3-5 wears depending on how you take care of them. But careful when you purchase them, there are a lot of replicas out there. 

That's all for now. I'm off to go have a relaxing saturday. Some TLC; hair, mani and pedi 😍 I'm hoping to try something different with my hair (add colour) lol wish me luck!

Did you find any new beauty faves this month? What are some of your go to products? Any recommendations for me?

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