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It was thirty minutes past 3 and I was 2hours late for the meeting I had assured my friend I'd be early for. I opened up my Uber and the prompt flashed before my eyes, 2.8x Surge pricing. Wh"*&!%^*"%!^?? I waited a few minutes tried again and this time it was 3.0x .
I laughed, the kind of laugh you let out when you're about to cry. I would have gone out to take a bus, but the way my facebeat was set up..
 A minute later I had downloaded Oga Taxi and despite my friend calling every 2 seconds to ask where I was, I requested for a ride , and in typical uberstyle it showed my drivers details et al.

It took about 20 minutes for the driver to call me, just to say he couldn't reach me at V.i and that he was too far away, how sway (see what I did there? 🙈 ) Long story short I still owe my friend. I did however try to use same app again just for fun , and same thing the driver said he couldn't reach me. I was going to make a review then but like a friend would say "Third time's a charm" I tried the app again yesterday. Hallelujah! somebody because the ride came through,

If you have ever used an uber, its basically the same thing; open the app, let it find your location, for more precision you may have to type it in yourself, add your destination, check fare estimate and request for aride. They also have choice of ride options; standard, deluxe and executive. The app is an Uber replicant.


PRICING :  85% (Quite cheaper than uber but in some cases if you price a yellow cab well...)
GENERAL : Undecided I feel like I need to use the app a little more.

I also think the company needs more drivers on the road to meet demand, because I'll always chose a home grown brand any day.
Try out Oga Taxi and let me know what you think!

Compliments of the season!

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