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I'm an ardent believer of the Buy Naija to Grow the Naira trend, that's why when I was contacted about the Faaji Footwear launch I was like Yeah sure!

The FAAJI FOOTWEAR BRAND is the brainchild of Adenekan Tola; Renewable Energy & Sustainability Engineer cum  Banker cum Footwear designer. You should hear him talk about his brand's vision with so much passion it's inspiring.

The first FAAJI batch went out in January and since then the company has been devoted to producing bespoke high quality Sandals and slippers in varying designs. Tola says his main reason for starting up a footwear brand was because he noticed that quality footwear in Nigeria was quite expensive and as such Faaji footwears can be purchased without breaking bank. Prices ranging from 10K to 15k for each uniquely designed piece.

The launch was a close gathering held at Villa Angelia hotel with some of the pieces beautifully displayed in jars. It was a good way to shop, have a personal chat with the CEO and of course enjoy small chops in a serene environment.
I had a great time feeding myb eyes with Faaji footwears. Shouts to my girl Bree for coming with me and Congrats to the FAAJI BRAND for being so fabulous!

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