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Monday again, Did this new week hit you the way it hit me? I wasn't even ready lol.
I'm running late right now for a meeting , but I had to drop this post asap, before I get sucked into corporate slavery. I'm so grateful for the love I got on this post and I'm learning so much about blogging each time I put up  a new post.
Guess what? I hit 5k insta followers yesterday!! It may not be much but I'm excited because it shows growth. I got up to so much last week that I barely had enough time to collate personal thoughts and what not. I did have an owambe on Saturday to attend as I mentioned here and it was lit, I finally caught my breath on Sunday and slept for 6 straight hours! Look at God. 

I'm refreshed now and ready to attack this week. I plan to eat healthier this week and start a whole smoothies for lunch thing because #Summer17 body loading!!

My Three Favourite things from last week are

1: Favourite outfit

This jumpsuit I wore for a wedding on Saturday, was perfect in all the right places. Someday we'll discuss my love for jumpsuits, soon. Shop it here

2: Favourite food
Fish fillet at Spurs Ikeja, one word Yum! I had a lunch date during the week and this was what I ordered. I haven't been at Spurs in a while, I was happy to have not been disappointed. Spurs is in Ikeja City Mall and also at Isaac John Ikeja.

3: Favorite song

Ayee been jamming to Davido's If all week. Bridget oh, I like your mini skirt oh 💃💃
Listen here 

It's back to regular programming now, see ya real soon darls!
Stay stylish xx

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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment. x

  2. Congratulations on 5k Mary, that's amazing! That jumpsuit looks so good on you. Funny enough, I never tried Spurs when I lived in Lagos. Always wanted to. Everyone has been talking about this If song , need to listen to it. xx

    PS: You asked for my insta, it's @Demmiie. I'll certainly follow back!
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thanks dear I really appreciate! Yeah spurs is a cool place. I'll defs follow you xx


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