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Soundtrack of the week: Praise and Naeto C - Remember ♡

Hey fashionistas! Happy new month (Yeah I know I'm about 4 days late lol). This three-day weekend was so perfect! How did yours go? Here's what I got up to.
Friday night
Last week, Coldstone Creamery invited me to their #CSCArabianDelights party, and I was more than excited to go! The theme was Arabian Nights and that was when the panic attack started lol. However, by friday morning when I was at my wits end, I picked out this black dress and went snooping through my mum's jewellry for something that could be likened to a headpiece. Luckily I dragged my sister straight from her office to go with me, so we had lots of fun and even made two new friends (they were also sisters!) Glad I got to go and experience all the fun. Kudos to whoever did the decor of the garden!  See some pictures below.

Saturday and Sunday
Spent the whole day on Saturday eating, sleeping and catching up with all my series. I discovered a new series guys, Arrested Development, if you love dry humour and sarcasm, you'll love it and best part, its has 4 seasons but I think Netflix cancelled it. 
I had a cute date on Sunday, and watched my sister bake for the rest of the evening. 

Monday was May day/Worker's day and GTB's annual Food and Drink fair. I took my mummy with me, it was fun to have some mummy and me time, plus I know we are both foodies (don't tell her I said that sshh). The vibe was magnetic and the food was amazing, after eating my way around the stalls I finally got around to taking a few snaps. I did get a voucher from Ndani lifestyle to attend one of the masterclasses, I just couldn't get myself to sit in one place,With all the food around, how?!  

I'm knee deep in work errands for the rest of the week, and I have scheduled meetings over the weekend. But hey, that's the spice of life yeah? 😭
Love and light

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  1. These are such gorgeous pictures babe! Coldstone's #CSCArabianDelights party looks like it was such a blast! Thanks so much for sharing girl :)

    I would LOVE for you to check out my current giveaway!
    XO Jessi,

  2. Thanks for stopping by babes! Will definitely check out the giveaway. xx

  3. Looks like it was a fun weekend !
    I was at gtb food and drink. It was a lot of fun and kudos to gtb for organizing such


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