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Oh guys, I do not even know where to start with this event report. First of all, I'm a FOODIE so you can imagine my excitement when I got invited by The Blogger point to Bibi's Grill Blogger Taster event on Sunday.
 Going through all the photos and writing this post is making my mouth water. Yes I am that much of  a foodie!

We were hosted at the Bibi's grill outlet in Maryland Mall (on the 2nd floor), it was actually my first time being at Maryland Mall (and I think I prefer it to Ikeja City Mall). I got there gracefully late and was excited to meet with some familiar blogger babes and a blogger dude . What I enjoyed most about the event was that it wasn't just about the food, we had great and insightful conversations about blogging. Amidst our gisting and laughs our waiter came to tell us what was on the menu for the day and took our orders.

The bibi's grill house menu consists of a variety of delicious meals including grilled dodo, chicken, pasta and seafood with prices ranging between N800 - N3000.


What I ordered:
Spaghetti and meatballs

N850 (Whattt? Super affordable!)

The food:
 It was really tasty and yummy. Also the presentation was so gorgeous that all the other bloggers were vying to take pictures of my food. Although a little too spicy for me, but I enjoyed it really.

It's in a food court, so it's as serene as it gets but I love the arrangement, good enough for casual hangouts.  The staff were really friendly and  remained composed even when there was a slight case of getting orders wrong. Bibi herself was present, always smiling politely at the back, I didn't know it was her till after the event when I googled the place.

I'll definitely be visiting Bibi's grill again and again, their food is amazing and the prices are unbelievable.

You can follow them Twitter and Instagram: @bibisgrill_ng

I had a great time and met some incredible bloggers. Check out some of their reviews: Kene's review here, Lade's review here, Toyosi's review here and Deola's review here.

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Love and light

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  1. Your pasta was the highlight of the day girl. Well written darling!

  2. Looked like fun and the food looked delicious! Good portions for a tasting. Thanks for sharing!


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