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Lagos city chic, Burgundy two piece,

Welcome back to my blog! I know I've been slacking on outfit posts but that's because I've had some issues with my photographer and it has really been stressful trying to find a flexible photographer (Photographers willing to collaborate, hit me up please!)
Like I always say, I love a piece that transcends formal to casual and can be worn as many times as possible. 
 I decided to re-rock this jacket I wore for GTB Fashn Weekend 2016 and add a more comfy touch to the look. Shorts are one of my fave things to wear; easy and chic so I couldn't resist styling this Asos jacket with shorts which I had my tailor made. The New look burgundy shoes are also perfect and are a stylish pair to go with shorts.  This might be my last plain (dull outfit) for now,  I'm going fully into summer mode. Thanks to the good people at Shop Neen for sending me these fabulous glasses!

Have you been keeping up with my instagram? There have been a lot day to day life posts, but I'll do an instagram lately post soon to give you details of all my outfits. 

See ya real soon!! 

Jacket - Asos
Shorts - Tailored
Shoes - New look 
Bag - Balenciaga (Old)
Glasses-  Shop Neen 
Photography - Sister sister

Lagos city chic, Burgundy two piece,Lagos city chic, Burgundy two piece,Lagos city chic, Burgundy two piece,Lagos city chic, Burgundy two piece,Lagos city chic, Burgundy two piece,

Watch the youtube video here

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  1. Comfortable and stylish. Good job Lagos city chic

  2. I like the mix of pumps and shorts. You look great dear looking forward to your summer posts ����

  3. You look fabulous in this outfit. I love the color.

  4. Burgundy looks so lovely on you!! I love the vest

  5. I'm sorry about the photographer thing, your sister isn't doing bad too. I love the two piece.. keep slaying

  6. Slayer! love the layering dear.
    Just make your sister your backup photographer. She isn't doing so bad

  7. I love this outfit. Burgundy is so right for this season and off season sef. I need to steal your pumps or you just dash me and prevent me from committing sin. Hehe

    1. Lol! Hunnay we can work out a sharing schedule (wink) Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. This color is so gorgeous on you !


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