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The most lowkey hotel I've ever been to. 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a night at Château de atlantic hotel and I really didn't have the intention to review the place till Saturday morning when I was leaving, hence the few pictures I managed to take with my phone. 
I still have been battling with whether or not to put out this review but I guess it's worth a shot. 
The hotel is located at 26A, Gafar Animashaun Street 
off Sinari Daranijo,Victoria Island. It's basically behind Zenith bank. 

From the entrance, its quite clear that the hotel is for very quiet meetings. The big black gate has no sign posts or indication that you are at a hotel.
I loved the interior though, very modern. And I also loved that all the members of staff  wore Ankara tops, probably because it was friday.

The room size was moderate and they had these really cool names for the rooms as opposed to regular room numbers. My room was called Iceland.

The complimentary breakfast came in a decent portion, trust me I've had worse. 
Overall the staff were nice, the room was very comfy and I loved the minimal vibe of my room.Thier food prices too were decent. 

I know this review was such a lazy write up lol. I apologize but expect better and way cooler hotel reviews coming up soon. 
Till then.. xoxo

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