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It's the ultimate turn up starter pack!
Thank God it's friday! After slaving and dragging through five hectic days of work, you sure deserve some unwinding. And no I'm not talking about going home, crawling into PJ's and binge-watching episodes of MISTRESSES. I mean getting all dressed up, going out for dinner with your girls or with bae, something fancy ( check out the best rooftop restaurants in Lagos here) followed by a few drinks and wherever the night takes you —you can always sleep in tomorrow.
But hollup! Before you break into “full turn up mode” take the time to pack some clubbing essentials:

1: Credit card/ATM card - I mean no brainer right? It's as important as carrying your phone!

2: Vex money - Who has never heard of vex money? "Vex money is the money you take with you just incase you decide to vex for the guy and leave him , or the guy vexes for you and he leaves you ...either way someone is vexed and there are still bills to pay or a cab ride home." - femibeckley.blogspot.com. However it doesn't just apply to dates alone it's really important to carry change as emergency cash.

3: Gum/Mint - You're going to be talking over loud music, shouting in someone's ears, I mean fresh breath is just common courtesy. 

4: Mini perfume - Mini perfume bottles are my favorite thing to keep in my clutch, handbag and makeup bag. They always come in handy and keep you from smelling like hennessy and vodka.

5: Hair pins - The curls looked perfect when you left the house. However after that last Wizkid song you look like a crazy person. A simple hair clip and small hairbrush will suffice to pull together a more polished, and less frazzled look.

6: Lipstick - This might not be as important for everyone but I really often wear lipstick out and I think there is nothing as sloppy as an almost worn of lipstick. So pick a color, and take your lipstick for touch ups. 

7: Pain killers: If you're prone to headaches like me or just in a very loud environment this can be a life saver. With alcohol, dancing and loud music the chances of getting a headache in the middle of the night is really high. But be very careful with taking drugs and alcohol. 

8: Identity Card - This is also very important. Just keep it handy.

9: Powerbank and Mifi: The mifi is your mini wifi because we all know how some phone network providers are not reliable (no shade). And your powerbank because your friends on snapchat must see all the fun your having! 

10 Mini sewing kit: This is not a must but for a clumsy chic like me, I could just be dancing jeje and a random stray nail will come my way and rip my outfit. LOL

What are some purse essentials that you can’t leave the house without? Tell us in the comments section!

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