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 Last Sunday, Rele art gallery opened their activities of the year with a sequel to the yearly group art exhibition titled Young Contemporaries. If you have read this post, you'll know that my love for art goes beyond just going to exhibitions for the instagram pictures.
I was really excited to go for this exhibition because I've never had a boring time at any Rele exhibition. Truth be told, I left the show overwhelmed and blown away. Adenrele Sonariwo pulled together room after room paintings and photographs from probably the coolest newbie artists around.

From Rewa's statement making pop art to Sejiro's puzzling and erratic abstract expressionism, I struggled, trying not to stagger. Ezekiel Osifeso paintings were so passionate and colorful, you'll realise that he really does deserve to be in the Rele arts foundation. Marcelina's engaging works with ankara/fabric artistry caught my eye almost immediately I walked in.

 I nod to Oladimeji's photographs which are meant to depict a story on creation; heavy words little meaning in my opinion.The black and white images were perfectly pictured but being in the last room didn't give the triumphant end I was looking forward to.

If you're expecting a general thematic display, you won't find that. All the pieces are engaging and thought provoking addressing different issues with individual styles but flattened out to one passion-filled masterpiece!

The pieces I loved the most:

Yes I had a wonderful time! I wore a Mae Gregory matching set and cosmopolitan back zip black sandals.

If you want to stand in a room and get totally lost in some amazing art, the Young Contemporaries exhibition will run till the 12th of February 2017

You should definitely not miss this exhibition!!

I love you for reading.
Love and light.

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  1. You sound very artistic and poetic yourself. I'm usually drawn to paintings more than photography, though I once I find the perfect photos it will be hard to pull me out. I like your take on the art pieces. I wonder if I'd done as good.

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I love when my writings are appreciated. I'm sure you'd have done as good. Thanks for stopping by xo!

  2. Such lovely art. You look amazing in your yellow outfit. What's the venue of the exhibition?

    Inez | My Small World

    1. Hey Inez, Its Rele art gallery in Onikan. Thanks for your kind words.


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