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Hello guys! Fancy seeing you here. It's been a great week and I enjoyed every post, article, poem, write up I read on International Women's Day. It's a great thing that Women all over the world were celebrated and we celebrated ourselves because hey we deserve it!.  As women we already put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do more and be more. 

Personally, I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately, comparing my style, to other bloggers' and stylistas, unknowingly it has taken a toll on my confidence level. If you know me, I am Mama Confident lol (my bbm status has always been The Confident Woman).

I love this outfit, it shows how confident and unafraid to take risks I am. 

Marks and Spencer double breasted blazer same here
Christian Louboutin
Ray Ban aviators
 Location- BRT stop, Lagos

My name is Mary Edoro and I'm a strong confident woman. I've got my confidence back! How do you boost your confidence when you feel low? Your turn..

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  1. Perfect. I have got my confidence back! Your post is so on point! I have to say, you went over the top to get this shoot @ the BRT shop. Welldone girl!!!

    1. Yasssss!! Thank you so much. I really appreciate xx

  2. Fabulous. I love everything about this outfit. You go girl.

  3. This is Fierce!


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