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I spend more time on instagram than I'll agree to,

so I'll be putting out a "current faves list" every month. Last  month I put up my favourite Lifestyle accounts here and this  month I'm doing one for the fashion gals I have recently come to love on insta!
So the next time you're in the mood to follow some really pretty and stylish fashion-babes I'll recommend the following:

Angel *Slay* Obasi is a fly fashion doll and general baddie, that gives Micah Gianeli vibes but with Nigerian girl sass. Her page is a combination of haute couture and interior goals. Don’t you want to find out where she gets her fab clothes so you can buy them too? I do. Stalk this insta. Do it!

If you love Ankara, Jen will have you swooning! She's a true fab-lista that infuses vibrant ankara prints to every outfit on her blog. Young west african chic, love her!

Not only do I love Seyi  Famuwiya's style, she writes with a whole lot of depth. For her it’s all about the powerful quotes and powerful women that trust in fashion and style. I'm totally down for that. 


This instagram account is what artsy-fashion dreams are made of. Ifeoma has an eye for color and whimsicality. Do your feed a favor and follow her ASAP!

Barbara has me dreaming about a fab life in London. If you're looking to find inspiration on all the latest trends, you'll find unique styling and a fresh smile with each new post.  The perfect fashion outlet to let your mind run wild.

That's all for this month folks!

What are some of your current favorite Instagram accounts?
Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @lagoscitychic as well!

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  1. I totally agree.
    Seyi is phenomenal! Her blog is one of my absolute favourite.

    My current Favourite has to be @t2pitchy. Her flat lays and Versatility with VSCO has me swoon!

    Lovely post xx


    1. Yess I love Grace! Thanks for stopping by xx


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