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Narrowing this list down to 50 reasons we love Lagos City was a difficult task - inevitable because I want it to be in line with Lagos turning 50! Isn't that great?!

So we ( Myself, the good people on my Instagram and some other people I asked randomly) have curated a list of facts that prove Lagos is one of the greatest cities of the world; spanning everything from our unbelievable traffic and our enviable cultural diversity, our ever growing arts and culture scene to our incubator of innovation, be it architectural, technological or sartorial.

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Read on for our list of the 50 things we all love about Lagos City, and then please add your own favorites in the comments below.

Lagos is naija's New York "the city that never sleeps". That's what I love about my Lagos

The nightlife is insane! (In a good way)

I love the beautiful and quiet Tarkwa bay beach!
-Andy, Mixologist Hardrock café.

The noise!!!!!! And the never say die spirit...... in Lagos every day is a lucky day for someone!!!!! Lagos gives us that HOPE.
- uzochukwuokoye

It's the home of art and fashion in Nigeria

The bubbly nature of the city, make you want to get up and work

I wish I could name something I love about lagos. I am the village girl. I love quiet places. So, can I say shopping? Because that was the only thing used to go to Lagos to do.

The availability of authentic cuisines from around the world.

I love Lagos because Lagos raised me 😃

Architecture, shops and of course the hustle and bustle. 💕

Everyone coexists, its not always peaceful, but we coesxist and that makes it more fun.

The exuberant drive the people possess. Always high spirited.

It is impossible to be bored in Lagos, there is always one party or event to attend.

The "what's upness" 😊😀. I feel awake in lagos

The fact that you must have to be on ALERT when walking on Lagos roads... Danfo Drivers and their conductors are another set of funny and annoying people!

Lagos is within everyone's budget

There's always food in Lagos and round the clock too!!
- Bachelor/Foodie

Hustling and bustle, work hard, play hard!

So many artistes have gained huge inspiration from Lagos and have used that inspiration to create magic, especially in music.

It's a place that builds and motivates you

Stores are open till really really late!
- Kachi (abuja)

If you're rich, poor, managing, all of the above, there is a place for you in Lagos! 
- anyawu_h_anyawu

I love Lagos because it is the most linguistically diverse cities in Nigeria.

I love Lagos because it's where my whole family is. So Lagos always feels like home, I feel safe in Lagos.
-Efua/ 23

Organised chaos
- Anonymous (Banker)

I love that there are so many creative businesses in Lagos, it keeps me inspired

You get what you deserve here, what you work for.

I like the buzz, the city never sleeps really.

It's annoying but I like that everybody is trying to make profit in Lagos, by crook or by legitimate means. Almost everyone in this city is ambitious.

There are so many cool tourist sights to visit.
-Chai Gung

It’s controversial but I didn’t really like Lagos, it just grew on me and now I can't imagine living anywhere else forever
-Achi (Ex Lagos hater)

Lagos traffic gives a man time to think, brew and get great ideas.

It's the city of hustlers!
-Temi Drogo

We have the best fashion designers in Africa, no jokes.

 I'm really enjoying the growing arts and theatre scene.
-Big Uncle J

Lagos inspires the rest of Nigeria, take it or leave it.

Na Lagos money dey pass, if you wan make money, come Lagos. 


The energy in Lagos is contagious. You can't be moody all day in Lagos wahlahi. 

I love Lagos because we have always been blessed with good governance by people who are actually passionate about Lagos. 
-Kehinde/Aspiring politician

The energy!

There is something for everyone in Lagos. 

 Today uber, tomorrow danfo bus..this is Lagos!!

Lagos is a city of craving for fame and recognition and financial, so its either you prosper or you prosper!

I like Lagos because of the culture and the FINE GUYS (lol)

 It is a great place to meet with people

I like the lights and city life and everything else about Lagos.

There's simply no place that looks, sounds or feels like here. 

Lagos has everything you need.
-A/Born and bred in Lagos

I love lagos because you can always find others like you who are passionate about making lists like this, because we in Lagos believe that our city is better than yours!
-Lagos city chic

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