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3 new ways to wear your boyfriend's shirt. 

A few months back, I won this supercool Tzar silk shirt from Abiola Kola Daisi's #Abikdbirthday giveaway. You can imagine my excitement when the shirt was delivered! It came in a minimal package bag that read "TZAR". I was ready to throw it on with some cute sandals and rock it. However it came a little sizes too big! Oops

I was a little setback thinking about what to do with the shirt, get it fitted or just leave it as it is in all its glory. Alas, last week I got a brilliant idea

I remembered a post I found on pintrest, I think it went viral too, I tried it on, wore it out and got so many compliments. Decided to share different ways slay-guaranteed ways to wear a boy's shirt and still looking extremely hot!

1: The tube top

First wear the shirt as a tube then, button it all the way to the extent it gets.

Now what do we do with these flapping hands? 

Tie it nice and snug around you, then make an easy bow.

Easy yeah?

You could either tuck the collar in at the back, or just let it be, after all, the world is your runaway!

PS- That highlight though!

2: The monostrap 

This is actually much easier than you might think: all you have to do is slip your arm into one arm hole and then fasten a button just above your boob on the other side of the shirt.

Next tie the extra arm to the opposite end of the shirt.

Lagos City chic

Easy peasy! You can rock it just like that.

Or tuck it in just as I did.

 Love it!

3: Shirt backwards: 

This shirt backwards streetstyle trend has been sweeping blogs and instagram from last year's fashion week. It's easy and simple and will definitely turn heads. 

All you need to do is wear it backwards!

I tied it at the back, but you can also button it down.

And I added a brooch just to garnish it a little bit.

This is definitely a hack that all chics should try.
 What do you think? 
Will you try it? 
When you do, don't forget to tag @lagoscitychic!
Love and light

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