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My mantra for this week is don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. So making this post by 7a.m on a monday morning really feels good. 💃
This past weekend was amazing because my weekend started on Thursday, with bed and breakfast at Château de atlantic hotel and the cutest dinner date on friday,of course I made a Get ready with me post. (Link will be attached when I post it).
Going for the GTBFshnWknd was a no brainer, it was a breath of fresh air and scheduling it for the weekend after LFDW? Genius. I must commend the event organisers/planners for being so organised, keeping strictly to time and maintaing a fun event.
I got there "fashionably late" but just in time for the runway shows and to take pictures before going in.

A trip around the mall
This included a good number of fashion vendors, displaying and retailing their products.

The Runway shows
For day 1, the designers showing were Julien Macdonalds, Adama Paris and Lanre Da Silva.
My favourite was the Julien Macdonalds' show by Welsh dsigner Julien Macdonalds , it was urban, very vibrant with armor-like iterations of snakeskin, animalistic ombré metallic fringing, and textural slate tones on risqué dresses. I was Oohing and Aahing all through

For me Lanre Da Silva had the best pieces and she did the cutest final dance because taking a bow is just too mainstream!

What I wore:

 New look (From Jumia.com)
Jeans (old) - M&S 
My handbag is from a random store in Ikeja
I chose burgundy and black because burgundy is the colour of fall and black makes me look slimmer hehe. I DIYed my camisole and wore subtle make up for the evening.

So grateful to my support system for the day; my big sister and my sister in law 💗💗

  I met THE CLAIRE SULMERS (If you don't know her, there are no words for you😩)  Major fangirl moment. She was so warm and welcoming. love her!

Best of all I had a full 5second eye contact with my Man Crush forever omdsss! (If you know you know)
It was a fab event, unfortunately I didn't attend Day 2 I can guess it was as beautiful as Day 1.
Looking forward to having a very productive week. I hope you do to.

Love and Light 

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  1. Very detailed analysis of the GTBank fashion weekend. Incredible post! Lovely outfit and wonderful photos. Well done Mary. I look forward to reading more of your posts

    1. Thanks a lot! Your feedback means so much to me 😍

  2. Makes me sad that I missed it
    It was obviously fun
    Next year I'll be sure to attend 💃🏾

  3. Love love love your outfit, was thinking the entire time 'where can I get those?' Then I got to the end of the write up. It was a great read all in all.����

    1. Thanks a lot Lade. Glad you enjoyed it!


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