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In 2015 I had a vision to start a high street womens wear brand that catered to the everyday woman. I decided to enter into the market quietly so I started by making kimonos and selling them within the range of 3000-6000 naira. I put out products on and and within 2 months my first stock was sold out. I was really excited and I put out a second batch and then a third.

 Mae Gregory (@maegregory) is one of my creative outlets. I design and outsource a tailor to sew my ideas. Although I have taken a long hiatus from Mae Gregory a lot more is coming. Anytime I'm at a fix, or can't get a grip on the whirlwind that is life I sketch something out (I'm not a good fashion illustrator though) but it calms me, in a reassuring "bigger things are coming" way. I'm currently planning to take tailoring and design classes because of course I'll do anything for my first love.

I'm sentimentally attached to this stained glass kimono because it was my first print (it sold out quickly too)  and this is the only one left. I saved it for myself. I absolutely love the colours, its the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your look,
After searching tirelessly for the print and not finding it, I'm treasuring this one till it hangs in some fashion museum or something lol.

In other news, its Friday!!! I love the weekends more now because its when I have time to do a lot of blog work!! 💃💃
Is there any fashion item that you are sentimentally attached to and why?

I love you for reading!

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