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Let's not bring it to 2017 please. 

It's a few days to the new year, and a new year means new beginnings. As we're all making new year resolutions and ditching old habits, there are some questionable trends which have rocked social media this year I think we should definitely leave them behind in 2016!

Uhh I'm thinking we should leave slip dresses and bras in the bedroom.

It really looks chic and cool kids have made it a trend. Prada, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten have made it no biggie to style bras over tops. Although I love some twists to it, like thin strap dresses. But I feel like wearing a bra top/lingerie over an outfit is just a step away from wearing pj's out, and it looks undecided; do you wanna stay home, or do you wanna go out? wyd?

It was cute at first but we both know that in this Lagos weather, it looks so tacky!

 Oh I too was swayed by the creativity of this trend when it first started and I watched NY bloggers take it to streetstyle. But our bloggers started doing it too and it was cool too. I may be biased also because I think every fashion item Kanye produces is a joke. But lets just keep it to wearing it for instagram feeds okay?

Flash tats? Nah we should have left this in 2015
This festival fashion is like a plague and needs to be addressed immediately. From flower crowns to these flash tattoos a lot of girls now see these as daily outfit essentials. Please make it stopppp!
(PS I still have an unfinished pack smh)

 Lol where are your arms?

I don't know how this became a trend? Did a tailor get too tired to actually sew the hands on?  Just make up your mind! Wear a sleeve or don’t wear a sleeve! 

Unless you're super man, ditch the cape!

Cape dresses/tops had its day, but now it should only appear in your old photos. This trend has always been very low on my list of attractive clothing.

Destroyed denim

In theory, and on Rihanna, this trend looks good, but idk these girls I see prancing around Ikeja City Mall make me want to throw up literally! Aunty is that what you saw on facebook? Please trash those thanks. 

Do you need to weed any of these out of your closet?
Here’s hoping that 2017 brings with it a breath of fresh fashion air.

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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  1. Lmao I want to cry
    I love the distressed jeans but not too distressed, love the cape too even though I own just one cape top and no distressed jeans

    1. Doesn't the cape fly up (superman style) when its windy? Lol Oya take it to the back of your closet! Haha Thanks for reading Fola xo

  2. Just found your blog!
    Can't wait to read all your contents x


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