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Happy New Year lovelies! I'm so excited to start a fresh new year most especially as a blogger. With every new year comes the traditional New Year resolutions list.As cliché as new year resolutons sound, I love making them even if they sometimes don't last a month.
I like to prioritize, make lists and set goals, it helps me to be more organized when there is a set plan of action. So what if I falter? Well at least I tried.

This year I want to..

Make one post everyday:
So the key to blogging is consistency as I have realised. Not intentional but I have not always been consistent with blogging, so I'm putting it in a list: One blog post everyday. Let's see how that goes.

Let people in: 
After a 7hour delay on my flight from Abuja to Lagos on tuesday I met a nice stranger and we got talking. One thing led to another and he gave me an advice I've been too scared to give myself "Don't be afraid to get personal on your blog". This doesn't only apply to my bloglife, I'm very guarded and reserved when it comes to my personal life. So as a single chic in Lagos, one of my priorities is to loosen the reins..just a bit.

Be Fancy Schmancy:
I solemnly swear to keep my pedi and mani popping at all times, my hair permanently laid and my outfits totally on fleek, So help me God.

Save more:
After reading The Smartmoney woman by Arese Ugwu last year all I wanted to do was save, invest and be more money conscious. Although I had some savings, it wasn't up to what I had predicted I'd save. I'll be more serious this year. Plus I still have this Style temple dress on my wishlist.

Be more healthy:
This one has been passed down from year to year but I'm putting it out there because right now I'm at my fattest and obvs I need to be healthy period. I'm thinking of joining a gym, getting a smoothie blender and getting strict with my eating patterns. *sigh* So help me God.

Join more social circles:
Last year I attended one of the Funcirclers beach event and it opened by eyes to having fun and meeting new people. So this year I'm going to attend more blogger brunches, workshops, go on group tours and group fun events.

Have Faith:
Family Worship Centre Abuja's theme for this year is Faith. So I've decided to tap into that and have more faith in God. I need to stop believing that I can think everything through or do everything. This year I'm letting go and letting God.

Explore more:
This one is a no brainer, I'll need more posts for Lagos City Guide so I'll be doing more exploring in Lagos. If you have anywhere you want to check out in Lagos and you need a partner in crime Hit me up ( I'll bring my camera.

Be happier, more cheerful, give more, spread more love and be a better person.

What are your new year resolutions? Do we have some in common?

I love you for reading

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  1. i love visiting your blog, keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks Vicky!! Happy New Year dearie.


  2. I like the idea of writing a new post everyday because even if we get busy at least we have content and as you said consistency is keyp. I also need to save more too and like you, let my faith suffocate my fear. And as cliched as new year resolutions are, they must be done.



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