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I'm having a great week so far and to top it up, I found 500box in one of old jeans this morning! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Just look at God! Lol 

Anyway, How's your week going?

I've always wanted to do a "What's in my bag" post since forever. So I'm going to be starting with the basics/ the essentials. As the series progresses I'll introduce you to the weirder things in my bag teehee.

This week has been quite regular and my itinerary has just been; wake up-public transportation-work- public transportation-home. So I've been carrying just the things that I need.

Without further ado let’s get stuck in and have a rummage in my handbag!

My phone and power bank, never have I ever left the house without either of the two.
For the road and the purpose of getting my hustle mood up, I always have my earpiece in my bag

I will always be carrying hand cream in my bag!  Although I don't have very dry hands, I always use hand cream every time I wash my hands, or when I can feel them getting a little dry.  It is an absolute must for me especially at this time of year! I love this Neutrogena hand lotion I've been using for almost a month now.

Nothing will ever take the place of glossy magazine pages in my life. I grew up ogling at fashion pages at a young age and now its like soul food. Obviously I love Genevieve magazines and lately I've been carrying a copy around,

I tend to only carry a few key beauty items as I’m not really one for re-applying make-up throughout the day but if a minor touch-up is needed then I'll be prepared. 

One accessory I definitely can’t live without are sunnies! Especially living in Lagos, I always like to bring a pair of sunnies just in case! I got these Dior reflected shades replica from @hautesignatures on instagram, its easily one of my favourite pair.

 And my rose gold Marc Jacobs watch is so perfect for any outfit, it’s always great to bring along a versatile watch in case your outfit needs a little something extra.

Since I got my Lagoslaidbac keyholder I haven't put it down. It's like a symbol of honour passed down to me.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this post

What are some handbag essentials you can't leave home without?

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  1. My phones,charger,t-fare,lipstick,ATM card,clorets gum,pen,handkerchief earpiece . Keep it up Mae.

    1. Hey Eva! Your comments keep me going xx


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