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I'm always trying to find a balance between my creativity with fashion and being realistic. Nothing confuses me more than Lagos bloggers in fur coats and winter boots, (no shade). There's a lot of struggle to be extra stylish, am I right? I'm a simple girl, despite the fact that I like to experiment with bold styles I still love to keep it a little quiet. 

I'm an advocate of comfort so I love to be stylishly comfortable. Because being stylish is not always about leaving your comfort zone. 
With the right pieces in your wardrobe, the right styling and little effort you can be a fly fashion doll on a daily!
You ready? Let's countdown.

1: To fail to plan is to plan to look shabby: Plan ahead with your outfits and always consider where you are going: are you going to work, out with the girls, or a date night?. Also consider location and the weather so you can dress accordingly. Try your best to never be caught looking like you just rolled out of your bed. 

2: Pay attention to the fit: Like I always say, in my head the only person that does slouchy style best is Victoria Beckham, so except you're a size 1 (we both know all that starch in Nigerian food won't let you be a size 1) check and ensure that your clothes fit in all the right places *wink*. Make sure you're accentuating all your best features. 

3: Stick to the basics: Don't overdo it; no excessive matchy-matchy. Blue jeans, white tee is my go to uniform, I mix it up a bit with statement accessories.

4: Don't leave the house without a statement accessory: A hat, oversize shades, a bag that says "Fake Gucci" you decide, just give your admirers something worth their while. A statement piece will elevate any comfy outfit to sophistication. Choose your statement piece wisely.

5: Get inspiredBefore I started blogging, I had thousands of screenshots of outfits that I liked on bloggers, models, actresses and Beyonce (of course). Not only did it help me plan ahead for outfits, it also gave me an idea of what I like and what I didn't like, and I could imagine the fit on myself. Now I still have tons of pictures, but I'm very careful so that I get inspired but I still stick to my own style. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you learnt a thing or 2. Don't forget to follow my blog, no spam mails, I'll only send you love letters haha. 
Stay stylish,

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  1. Really great and helpful tips. And you look stunning too.

  2. Nice Lagoscitychic. I like your style of writing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Nothing confuses me more than Lagos bloggers in fur coats and winter boots, (no shade), lmao..i thought i was the only one that found that weird; like why are you wearing fur coat is there sum am missing. Great Write up!

    1. Lol Vicky, you know!! Thanks my love

  4. I'm also one person that goes for comfort. Thanks for sharing. Its so insightful and thanks for dropping by my blog www.adagirl.com.ng

  5. Hiii Mary, love the blog. Btw, you look really nice.

    1. Thanks dear, I really appreciate that xx

  6. Really impressive and realistic.


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