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15 Things you need to know to survive, thrive and prosper in Nigeria's biggest city

Truth be told, living in Lagos can be overwhelming, with a population of nearly 20 million go getters. It's an urban jungle; eat or get eaten! I may be exaggerating but this is one of the toughest cities to make it in, yet it offers a wide array of opportunities. Surviving  in this city will be one of the most difficult tasks you will encounter.

Here's what you need to know to survive and thrive in Lagos

1: A reliable next of kin's phone number off by heart.

2: Chicken republic offers #500 meals everyday.
3: A yellow cab is cheaper than an Uber, But a Danfo bus is the cheapest. #EmbracePublicTransportation

4:The earlier you wake up, the better. You might still get stuck in traffic, but the better.

5: Don't buy anything in the market without a good bargain tussle. If the seller says #2000 make it a priority to buy it for #500

6: Your network is your net worth. Keep the right company.

7: Always carry some cash, most stores say ATM cards accepted but they really mean we have a POS machine and it isn't working.

8: A danfo bus is a threat to you if you are; driving close to a danfo bus, walking beside a danfo bus or even inside a danfo bus 

9: If you happen to be in 1004 and you see your fav celebrity (and you probably will) play it cool.

10: There really isn't anything like Yoruba demons or Igbo angels, just Lagos boys and you should be very weary of them regardless of your gender.

11: If you're walking at night walk briskly, if you walk slowly a danfo bus will hit you. Or you'll get robbed and won't notice till you get home.

12: Don't ever lose yourself. Lagos is an intimidating city with intimidating people, don't lose sight of who you really are while keeping up with the Otedolas.

13: Everyone is in a hurry. Don't waste your time, don't wast anybody else's. 

14: Always walk and talk with confidence like you've lived here your entire life.

15: Never ever stop hustling.

I assure you, in no time you too will grow to love our magical city!!

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  1. Lol! Can't stop laughing. thats some real talk tho

  2. Never been to Lagos before, will definitely take these into consideration. And lol at the Danfo bus tips, you sound like you've gone through horrible experiences with them.

    Princess Audu

    1. Wow really? You should definitely visit. Jabs aside it the best place. And yes Danfo buses have shown me pepper!!! Lol

  3. Great post. I haven't been in Nigeria in a while this absolutely brings back memories and will help whenever I come back.

  4. LOl.... Nice and interesting post mama

    1. Wow ooh this is huge, I have been wondering how to survive if I eventually move to Lagos next year but here is a laid note for me to follow Thanks dear!!Nice one keep it. Visit my blog for free Naija mp3 music downloads



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