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Lots of yarn!

Hey beautiful people, I come bearing a DIY! I've been so eager to embark on this project and have it on the blog but you see the way this Lagos hustle is set up.. 
Anyhoo, how's everyone doing today? I know its just tuesday but I'm really anticipating the weekend so yaay!

Basically, Aquazzurra Wild things sandals have been having quite the fashion moment among bloggers and Lagos fashionistas right now, but WOW an original pair will set you back at least $700 -that's N350k, in this current economic situation ha! (Yes your fave blogger wears a knock off that goes for N15000)
 I'm clearly obsessed with these intricately laced up tasseled sandals with fringe vamp,
but if you're like me, right now, we do not have N350K ish lying around for a pair for shoes.
So what do we do?
 *dramatic music*

What you need 
1: A pair of really sharp scissors
2: A pair of sandals
3: Yarn/Wool about two balls the same colour of your sandals
I also used Yarn to create this fur ball keyhain
4: Shoe laces

Ready? Let's do it

First, begin by cutting up your yarn balls at the sides preferably to get it to strips. Next start by weaving strips of the yarn around the front side of your sandals. As depicted in the photos; this may take 40-55 minutes depending on how fast you are with your hands.

You'll need to put your back into it, the fuller the better.

Don't stop till it looks like this. I repeat the fuller the better.

Now the fun part, Snip, Snip Snip. Careful! Make sure you have a picture of actual Aquazurra sandals while trimming, so you get it right.

Easy peasy, yeah? Repeat process for the second sandal. 

Now for the straps.

I figured that shoe laces would be the best for the laces.
To make the tassel, Wrap strips of yarn over a finger.
Like this

Tie it up and make 3 others.

Make sure to put all the tassels together before cutting so they are all equal.


Carefully tie the ends you used to tie the yarn earlier and use to tie already cut tassel to the opposing ends of the laces. Attempt to hide the twine of the laces in between the tassels. 


That's basically it!
There you have it, its legit that easy!
For mine, I've had these old sandals since 2014, laces and yarn cost about N300. It looks amazing and I love it!.

I'll definitely be rocking these over the weekend so look out for me!
If you try out this DIY project, don't forget to tag me @lagoscitychic.

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  1. I love this DIY! I'm definitely going to try this on my blog.



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