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The first time I went to Lekki Conservation centre was in 2013. I loved each moment of the trip. Of course there wasn't the canopy walk and it was just a few monkeys, peacocks and turtles. But it was really cool. Fast forward 3 years later I decided to take a trip back because everyone was making such a buzz about the canopy walk.
What better way to spend a cool sunday evening than perusing through a nature's park?

The Lekki Conservation Centre has been established over 20 years and is the Nigerian Conservation Foundation’s foremost project site, spanning over 78 hectares on the renowned Lekki Peninsula in Lagos. I could go on and on about the history and facts of the Conservation center but you're not really here for all that, are you? 

Jokes aside though, after the whole experience, I feel like I should add a title to my name like "Jungle queen" lol

LCC is excellent at making you feel you're actually an amazon warrior striding through the jungle instead of being in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities. I love that effect, almost like you're leaving all the city hustle behind. 
I did however think that the #2000 we were charged  was extortive because we saw just a turtle, peacocks and some monkeys (but I'm not complaining).

It was cool because I was there with my exploring team: Bridget and Joy. Excited and pumped up, we began our journey through the wild. 

Aaaaannnnd, my phone fell! In here

..tears rolled down my eyes fam! (Update: I put it in rice for 3days and it still died)

The canopy walk was actually the height of the tour, aside from Joy screaming with fear "Let me go down, I'm not climbing again" lmao that was hilarious!
Honestly, the walk on the canopy starts really shaky and scary but that's all part of the thrill. 

We did have some fun, and I don't suggest you go there with bae, if you have a phobia for heights, don't even attempt if you have a phobia for heights.
I'll give the experience a 4 star because it rained and there is really no other activity but the canopy walk.

I'll love to read how your experience went if you've been there (be friendly with the comment box)
If you're planning a trip there, here's what you need
Access fee #2000 (#1000 excluding the canopy walk)
Picnic basket
Flat shoes/ sandals 
Camera/Phones (hold on tight to them) 

Thanks for reading!
Love and light

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