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My favourite day of the week!

After the long routine of the week and catching up with one or two owambe parties on Saturday, my sundays are pretty much my favourite day. I almost always make excuses just stay home, I mean it's sunny outside and I have all these series to catch up with. Really guys, I'm still recovering from malaria and still sulking that I missed all of Lagos Fashion and Design week. Catching up with all the glitz and glam on instagram and snapchat has been fun too, so watch out for my favourite fashion from LFDW2016!.
I've also been really behind on blog posts and this is me trying to make up for it. I promise that November is gonna be lit on Lagos City chic.
When I'm not sleeping like a log of wood, here are somethings I like to do on sundays
-Refusing to acknowledge make up exists, literally put on no make up!
-Series catch-up; HTGAWM, Scream queens, 2broke girls, and I recently started Narcos which I'm really enjoying
-Snapchatting what I'm watching, and eating and listening to
-Watching my snapchat stories over and over again
-Stalk all my crushes and their families
-Basically stalking everyone
-Eating pre-breakfast, breakfast, post-breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, linner, dinner, and a little snack before bed (if I don't get the munchies by 1am)

Lol pretty gross aye?! 

What are you chics up to today?

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