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This past week was a whirlwind, but as busy as it was, it felt invigorating to check my blogger stats and see that despite the irregular posts, a few people have still been checking in. Love you guys!

I have about 10 events I had planned to attend over the weekend but the stress of the whole week came crashing down as eye bags this morning and I had to get rid of them, by sleeping of course.
I'm making plans to make this blog filled with my personal experiences in Lagos, so far so good.

Every week, I will be sharing three personal items/ experiences that I'm obsessing over, I promise to have better pictures next week!

Lagos laid bac
My Lagos Girl keychain from Lagos Laid bac I got at Carnivale Lagos' oktoberfest. I love it so much and I ditched my old Konga seller keychain for it!

My sister got me this bath and body works set for my birthday and my skin has been smelling so amazing since then! 

If you follow me on snapchat you will definitely have watched me go on and on about the recession and how I love this book. Already half way through and its really good.

Hope everyone is having a restful weekend?!
What are some things you are currently obsessing over ? 
Love and Light

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