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With Lagos fashion and design week just a week away, we all need to take on new or refresh our minds on tips and tricks to maintaining equilibrium through the four-day fashion week without running out of steam.
It always seems so maniac, so if you're planning to go note these simple but important hacks to get you through.

1: You're late if you're on time.
Do your best to arrive early, don't join the usual swarm of last minute attendees, you'll miss all the fun. The best time to get the best pictures is when the sun's out and since the shows start at 5;30pm daily, it'll get dark quickly.

2: Comfortable shoes
Of course, Fashion Week makes any Lagos chic want to break out the sky-high pumps and designer shoes. But keep in mind that many parties and events require long periods of standing, and heels also make it more difficult to do that. If you’re not willing to sacrifice the height and leg-lengthening effect of your stilettos, bring a pair of flat shoes along so you can change your footwear between catwalk shows.

3: Its not all fun and games 
Fashion Week is the opportunity to meet people from the industry and like-minded creatives. Get your business cards ready, do your homework on who is who and who you should speak to and start talking business.

4: Makeup essentials
This one should be a no-brainer, but don’t forget to toss a makeup kit in your bag. Makeup wipes, lip gloss, bronzer, eyelash glue, etc. Keep your cosmetic necessities handy so you can do a quick touch-up so you’ll be camera-ready the entire time. Remember there are streetstyle photographers everywhere.

5: Power banks et al
I can’t stress this enough, you will be on your phone all day, either editing a picture for Instagram, snapchatting, tweeting, texting or taking a call or two. Your phone will be in demand, so make sure you have at least one portable charger on you, and if your phone’s battery dies quickly take your main charger as well to keep your phone topped up on the go.

6: Have fun!
When you’re dressed to the nines, it’s more fun to explore, make friends and be seen; so treat yourself to brunch, dinner, or drinks before or after the shows. This is another day in the lives of designers where they have to stress. And you? You just go and have fun and rock your killer outfits!

Side note: This is going to be my first time at LFDW so I'm pretty psyched! Who else is going?



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